Dynomutt & Blue Falcon Deluxe Box Set   Birdman & Avenger Deluxe Box Set
Blue Falcon & Dynomutt Maquettes
Blue Falcon and Dynomutt Maquettes
FIRST APPEARANCE:  The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour, Episode 1: Everyone Hyde!"

ALLIES: Dynomutt the Dog Wonder

ARCH-ENEMIES: The Queen Hornet, Fishface, Lowbrow

BACKGROUND: Millionaire socialite Radley Crowne has a secret: when alerted by the Falcon Flash, he assumes the identity of the Blue Falcon, resident crimebuster of Big City. With the assistance (or should that be despite the assistance) of his robotic canine pal Dynomutt the Dog Wonder, the Blue Falcon fights to protect Big City from such ne'er-do-wells as The Worm, Superthug and Ironface!

POWERS AND ABILITIES: The Blue Falcon is a gifted acrobat and hand-to-hand combatant, as well as a skilled detective. The Blue Falcon is also a scientific genius and technical wiz, having created not only the Dynomutt the Dog Wonder, but also the Falconcar, the Falcon's Lair, and a full complement of crimefighting gadgets.
  FIRST APPEARANCE:  The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour, Episode 1: Everyone Hyde!"

ALLIES: The Blue Falcon

ARCH-ENEMIES: The Worm, Ironface, Lowbrow

BACKGROUND: Dynomutt, the Dog Wonder is the Blue Falcon's trusty sidekick and faithful robotic-dog companion. Dynomutt is equipped with countless gizmos and gadgets for use in battling evil, most of which he manages to use at exactly the wrong moment!

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Dynomutt's robotic body is packed to the brim with every kind of crime-fighting equipment you can imagine, everything from magnifying glass to a trampoline! Dynomutt's mechanical limbs also extend to prodigious lengths, allowing him to grow to amazing heights or to trip up and ensnare evildoers.
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