I've been seriously collecting action figures for the past decade. I started out with the WWF Hasbro figures in the early nineties. At the time I was kind of dumb and took them out of the packaging. I didn't make the same mistake again when I began buying the WWE Jakks figures in the late nineties. Since then I've completed the entire Speed Racer set (made by ReSaurus) and got into the Simpsons Interactive series (by Playmates). Although I bought just a few of them at toy stores, I've found an excellent source for finding figures (both loose and packaged) that I need at various toy shows and through bidding on eBay. The 12 inch Star Wars figures (by Kenner) is another collectable I found myself searching for, although I did make a great effort to center the collection solely around the Galactic Empire characters. In the year 2000 I was at a local toy show when I discovered the world of Funko Wacky Wobblers! These "Pop-culture" icons captured the essence of my childhood in the seventies. Of course this craze began my craving for the ceramic bobbleheads, mostly I've collected mascots from various teams that I have seen play. A few of them are stadium give-a-ways. I used the same theory in my acquistion of the replica stadiums. Each statue represents a ballpark/stadium that I have attended a live event during the course of my lifetime. All of the stadium statues were produced by the Danbury Mint. In 2003 I began collecting the McFarlane Sports Picks, for my collection, I have selected the players that have been on my various fantasy league teams over the past 15 years. My collection of 1/18 scaled cars are great pieces representing some of my favorite TV shows and movies that I watched as a youngster. Recently, I've begun collecting the adult-sized Championship Belts made from molds of the actual belts worn by the WWE Superstars themselves! Just left click on a logo image to the left to navigate to the corresponding page which has scans and digital photos of all my fine collectibles.

Enjoy the collection!

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