The Jetsons Spaceship   The Homer
     The Jetsons welcome you to the 21st Century, where automation and robotic gadgets make life easier, but no less funny. Although only one series of episodes was produced for the 1962-63 television season, The Jetsons have become one of the best loved cartoon shows ever since.        "The Homer" was perhaps the worst vehicle ever designed by an American auto company and the mind behind it was Homer J. Simpson. In the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" episode of The Simpsons, Homer's father, Abe, has a heart attack. Feeling remorseful, he tells Homer that he has a half-brother out there in the world. Homer sets out to find his brother. After finding and meeting him, (played by Danny Devito), he realizes that his brother's automobile business is in trouble. And like most of Homer's escapades, his valiant attempt to save the dealership results in him creating the ultimate car for the "common man" - The Homer!
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